About US

The Florida Recorder is a pioneer in research analysis. It has a long history at the market. We create successful portfolios, strategies for investors, stock and market analysis for 30 years.
Analysts from our company have their own experience in investing. Our main specialty is finances. We worked with different national and international banks, tech and medical companies.
We are still very popular at the Wall Street and other markets across the world. We believe that all market processes can be predictable and understandable for everyone.

The Florida Recorder was founded in 2012 by Luis Dias, the Ph.D. in medicine. He worked as a medical specialist all his life and decided to start his own business being retired. He passed the company to his son Jason after a number of clients grew up significantly and he could not handle the pressure of constantly changing the market.

Jason graduated from prestigious business school, and he knew exactly what to do with analytic company. Like his father, Jason is an active investor. He understands the market and can predict changes that are coming.

He started his career by working on his father, and later being and independent analyst. He came back to the company after he understood that his knowledge is needed here.
The company became bigger and well-known abroad because of Jason, who has his own view. He taught the team how to write daily and weekly analysis of the market for our readers. He turned it in newsletters for subscribers, he founded small classes for businessmen inside our company.